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Next Board Meeting is a monthly meeting

Tuesday, Jan 5th, 2021
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Use of Grassy Area by Clubhouse

Some people who rent the clubhouse have requested that the renters of the clubhouse be allowed to use the pool grassy area. The board has reviewed this and identified the following issues:

  1. Need for a fence and the associated costs.
  2. How to manage the use of the area.
  3. Liability and city regulation.
  4. Noise and impact on neighboring units.
  5. Conflict with pool area design.
  6. Overall costs vs. benefit to the community.

The recent newsletter had contact information for homeowners to make their views known on this issue.

New Software at CMS/Auto Pay Changes

The CMS website has been updated to work with new software which will allow homeowners to access account information and pay monthly dues online. Please note that your account number has changed and is on your most recent billing statement.

If you are not using the CMS website to make your payments, please make sure that your payments are going to Focus Business Bank and that you are using your new account number.

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