sunset park
of sunnyvale
Homeowners Association

125 Connemara Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Paint Specifications

The 2010-11 painting did not include the stucco. It was the board's intention not to change the 2003 paint specifications. However, several colors (Kelly-Moore Café Kahlua 588D,Kelly-Moore Rusty Red AC17-N, Kelly-Moore White WS11, and Dunn-Edwards Boxwood Green SP145) are no longer supported by the paint companies. Therefore, colors closely matching the original specifications have been selected. Finish and color codes with 3 parts are custom paints.
  Brand Finish Color

Stucco Kelly-Moore 1240 Spanish Sand #231

Building Trim Kelly-Moore 1240-333-5G 10-2220-0808

Fences Kelly-Moore 1240-333-5G 10-2220-0808

Balcony Floors Kelly-Moore 1786-333-1G 10-2220-0808

Carport Beams Kelly-Moore 1274-555-1G 11-0117-0808

Carport Posts Kelly-Moore 1275-555-1Q 11-0117-0808

Front Door (5 choices) Kelly-Moore 1250 To be determined: Match Rusty Red AC17-N
Dunn-Edwards W901 To be determined: Match Boxwood Green SP145
Kelly-Moore 1250 Spanish Sand #231
Kelly-Moore 1250 To be determined: Match Café Kahlua 588D
Kelly-Moore 1250 To be determined: Match White WS11

Explanation of "Finish" codes:

If you have a stained door, then you are responsible for maintaining it, and the Association will not paint it. If you have a metal or fiberglass door with a white factory finish that does not need periodic re-painting, you need not have your door painted.

The painters will paint your door the same color as is currently on your door.

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