sunset park
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Homeowners Association

125 Connemara Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Paint Specifications

The paint finishes and colors selected for the 2003 painting are as follows:

  Brand Finish Color

Stucco Kelly-Moore 1240 Spanish Sand #231

Building Trim Kelly-Moore 1245 Café Kahlua 588D

Fences Kelly-Moore 1240 Café Kahlua 588D

Front Door (5 choices) Kelly-Moore 1250 Rusty Red AC17-N
Dunn-Edwards W901 Boxwood Green SP145
Kelly-Moore 1250 Spanish Sand #231
Kelly-Moore 1250 Café Kahlua 588D
Kelly-Moore 1250 White WS11

Explanation of "Finish" codes:

  • Kelly-Moore 1240:
    Acry-Shield Acrylic Flat

  • Kelly-Moore 1245:
    Acry-Velvet Acrylic Low Sheen

  • Kelly-Moore 1250:
    Acry-Lustre Acrylic Semi-Gloss

  • Dunn-Edwards W901:
    Permasheen Acrylic Semi-Gloss

Please note that the door paints are now (acrylic) latex instead of oil. This is a change from the last painting cycle. The painters will apply a primer coat over oil-based paints to assure that the new latex paints adhere. All painted doors must have latex paint so that this conversion will not be an issue in future painting cycles.

A few people have expressed concerns about the use of latex paint on front doors. These concerns may reflect old information about latex paints. The Kelly-Moore website has a comparison of advantages of latex vs oil paint.

If you have a stained door, then you are responsible for maintaining it, and the Association will not paint it. If you have a metal or fiberglass door with a white factory finish that does not need periodic re-painting, you need not have your door painted. If you choose to repaint your doors yourself, then you have to arrange to have that done by June of 2004. And, you must use a latex paint and one of the front door colors listed above.

The paint company will provide you a notice when they are ready to have you call them to schedule your door painting. While the painting is in progress, the front door colors will be on display on the doors on the front of the clubhouse.

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