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Election Rules

Questions You Might Ask

What is this all about?

Starting in 2019, major issues that homeowners decide such as electing directors, amending documents, or approving significant assessment increases (not that we have had a vote on an assessment increase in a long time nor do we anticipate one) must be handled by a secret mail-in vote. Instead of filling in a ballot at a meeting, members will have ballots mailed to them. They will mark the ballot and insert it in one unmarked envelope. The unmarked envelope will then be inserted in a second envelope that is addressed to whomever receives the ballots for counting. The homeowner writes in name and address and provides signature on the outer envelope.

The ballots will be received by and counted by either 1 or 3 inspectors. The inspectors may be any of the following:

Why is this change being made?

Because the Legislature mandated it.

Why did the Legislature mandate this change?

Ask them. We don't know for sure.

What else is required?

There are restrictions on publicity for candidates to the board. No association funds may be spent to promote any candidate. Any forum that the association provides for any candidate must be made available as equal access to all candidates.

Will candidates get a forum at Sunset Park?

Webmaster's guess is that no candidate will get space in the newsletter. I have no intention of providing access to any candidiate (including myself) on this website. I may express (mostly negative) opinions about the Legislature (my 1st Amendment right), but I do not express opinions on this website about people who are or might be candidates for our board.

Do I sign my Ballot?

No, and don't sign the inside envelope, either.

Do I sign the pre-addressed return envelope?

Yes. You must also print your name, address, and unit number. If you do not follow the instructions properly, your vote will not be counted.

When must I return my voted Ballot?

Instructions will be enclosed that answer this question. The inspector must receive all ballots at least one hour before the start of the meeting at which ballots are counted.

May I hand deliver the ballot instead of mailing it?

Yes, but it must be received at least one hour before the start of the meeting at which the ballots are counted.

Can I use a proxy?

Yes, but I don't know why you would want to do this. Instructions will be provided to explain how to do this.

Election Rules


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