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The undersigned, owner of Unit ___________, submits this rain gutter and down spout application in accordance with Article VII of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. Included with this application is a drawing showing the design of the gutter and down spout to be installed.

I understand that the following guidelines are used to ensure that gutter designs are harmonious throughout the complex:

I agree to accept full responsibility for:

I understand that the Association will paint and clean the gutter and down spout periodically on a schedule of the Board's choosing but is released from any other responsibility for maintaining the gutter and down spout. I agree that the work will be done in accord with all city codes and, if required, that I will obtain the necessary permits.

______________________________ __________________________________________
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A copy of this document along with the approval letter should stay with your CC&R's and other real estate documents, and it should be passed on to a future buyer.

Form adopted by Board of Directors, 3/16/99