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of sunnyvale
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125 Connemara Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Sunset Park Vehicle and Parking Rules

  1. Motorized vehicles must be operated at a safe speed, but not to exceed ten (10) mph, within the complex. Beware of pedestrians, bicyclists, children, and other moving vehicles.

  2. One covered automobile parking space shall be exclusively assigned to each lot owner as near and as convenient to the owner as is reasonably possible. To the extent available, each lot owner shall be entitled to the use of not more than one (1) additional common area parking space. The occupants of any one (1) lot shall not have more than two (2) vehicles and one (1) motorcycle on the Project at any one time. Owners/occupants of each lot are to use their exclusively assigned covered automobile parking space for parking of their vehicles so that common area parking will be available for either other owners' entitlement, as available, of one additional parking space, or for guest parking. If an owner/occupant is parking (1) motorcycle and two (2) vehicles on the Project common area at any one time, the one (1) motorcycle must be kept in the covered automobile parking space along with one (1) of the two (2) vehicles. The owner/occupant may, at his or her own expense, cut the cement parking block in half and remove one-half (1/2) of the cement block and the attached rebar with the understanding and agreement that upon vacating the unit, the owner/occupant shall replace, at his or her own expense, the one-half (1/2) cement parking block with a full-size cement block at the same location and attached to the carport floor in the same manner as the original cement block. The owner/occupant is also responsible for any additional damages to the carport or to the Project caused by the removal and replacement of the cement parking block.

  3. It is the responsibility of each owner or resident to keep the carport clean -- free of oil and other debris.

  4. No commercial vehicle, bus, or truck (other than standard size pick-up trucks or small vans) shall remain upon any area within Sunset Park other than temporarily. Commercial vehicles shall not include: sedans, standard size pick-up trucks, or small vans which are used both for business and personal use, provided that any signs or markings of a commercial nature on such vehicles shall be unobtrusive and inoffensive as determined by the Board of Directors. For purposes of this rule, standard size pick-up trucks and small vans shall not exceed 7 feet (excluding exterior rear-view mirrors) in width or 20 feet in length.

  5. No recreational vehicle, trailer, boat, airplane, or similar equipment shall be parked on Sunset Park property for longer than a twenty-four (24) hour period. While on Sunset Park property, such vehicles must be parked in parking areas appropriate for the size of the vehicle. A recreational vehicle is defined as any vehicle equipped with any of the following: sleeping facilities, built-in cooking, refrigerator, ice-box, toilet, sink, or shower.

  6. Parking of approved vehicles is allowed in carports and on uncovered marked stalls. No parking is permitted on fire lanes, in front of garbage bins, or where otherwise posted.

  7. No vehicle may be stored or abandoned upon the common area. The mere movement to another parking place does not interrupt the storage cycle. The vehicle must be removed from Sunset Park. If special circumstances arise (e.g., vacation, illness, business trip) in which a vehicle must be parked in the same spot in the common area for more than four (4) days, the Management Company must be contacted and advised of the situation.

  8. Vehicles which are in a wrecked or dismantled condition shall not be parked anywhere within Sunset Park.

  9. Seventy-two (72) hours after a notice has been placed on a vehicle which is in violation of these rules, the owner or lessee of the vehicle shall be deemed to have consented to the removal of said vehicle from Sunset Park, and the Association or its agent or employees shall have the authority to tow away and store any such vehicle. Any charges paid by the Association for such towing and storage shall be assessed against the lot owner, whether the vehicle is owned by him, his tenant, or by a family member, guest, or invitee of the lot owner or his tenant.

  10. No off-road or unlicensed motor vehicles shall be operated on the property.

  11. No owner shall repair, overhaul, restore, or service any motor vehicle, boat, trailer, aircraft, or other vehicle in or upon any carport or unenclosed portion of a lot or any part of the common area, except for emergency repairs necessary to enable movement thereof to a proper repair facility. (CC&Rs, Section 8.05B)

  12. Motor vehicles shall not be backed into carports. Exhaust emitted is asphyxiating to residents and can damage carport structures and storage cabinets.

  13. The electrical outlets in the carports are provided for occasional use by the residents for such purposes as vacuuming the interiors of automobiles. They are not to be used extensively, and they may not be used to recharge batteries of battery-powered vehicles.

  14. Children must wear helmets when riding bikes, scooters, skateboards within Sunset Park. This is a California State law and since we have guests, mail trucks, moving vans, Federal Express and UPS deliveries, all driving within our complex, this safety measure is best for all. Most children within our complex are now wearing helmets and we thank you. Very young children on tricycles and toddler toys are exempt but should be monitored by parents.

  15. Children riding their vehicles must yield to pedestrians. This should be a common courtesy and we are pleased that in many cases it is.

Adopted by Board of Directors, December 4, 2012

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