sunset park
of sunnyvale
Homeowners Association

125 Connemara Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Sunset Park Garbage Disposal Rules

  1. All disposed items must go inside the dumpsters.
  2. No furniture, mattresses, or large appliances.
  3. No rocks, construction debris, or heavy items.
  4. No oil, paint, or other hazardous waste.
  5. Please break down large boxes to make room for your neighbors' trash.
  6. Only Sunset Park residents may use the dumpsters.
  7. If you witness a violation, please report it to the property manager.

Violators will be subject to paying a fine of $50 plus reimbursing the Association for the cost of hauling and dump fees.

Adopted by Board of Directors, August 2, 2005

© 2005, Sunset Park of Sunnyvale Homeowners Association. All rights reserved.